Open Classes

Virtual Only!

Open Company Class
Ballet unless noted otherwise

  • 2/23 Tu, 10:15am-11am CT - Eve Schulte
  • 2/24 W, 10am-11am CT - Arimee Gambill (Improv Jam)
  • 2/25 Th, 11am-12:30pm CT - Chloe Duryea
  • 23/1 M, 9:30am-11am CT - Chloe Duryea
  • 3/2 Tu, 9:30am-11am CT - James Sewell
  • 3/3 W, 9:30am-11am CT - Eve Schulte
  • 3/4 Th, 9:30am-11am CT – JSB Dancer TBD
  • 3/5 F, 9:30am-11am CT – James Sewell

Coordi™ Class

  • * Mondays, 6pm-7pm CT - James Sewell
  • * Wednesdays, 10am-11am CT - James Sewell

* What is Coordi™? It's a movement study based on multiple kinetic patterns happening at once. Physical brain teasers combine with ballet for unexpected pathways and alignments that challenge both your mind and body! Learn more about Coordi™ here!

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        Class fees accepted via cash, check, or here:

        Sliding scale $5-15 per class. If cost is a barrier, please note so in an email to Cash and checks are always preferred, but all class takers are welcome to use PayPal.

        Please submit payment via PayPal and specify in the note field which date(s) you plan to connect. Please submit payment no later than 1 hour before class time. Bundling per single week is acceptable (ie, one-time payment of $30 for three classes). All participants will receive Zoom link & password no later than 10 minutes prior to class time at the same email address used for submitting payment.

        Teacher Bios

        Photos courtesy Sara Rubinstein