What is Coordi™?

Engage in fun physical brain teasers to hone your balance, coordination, and brain health. This movement-based class is open to all abilities — no dance experience necessary. It’s a work out for both brain and body!

This work is beautiful and ever so helpful.
S. A.

Coordi provides a brain and body challenge delightfully different from my day-to-day work, plus it's great stress relief and a lot of fun, too.
Janis Clay, Civic Caucus Chair

Where to find Coordi™:

Coordi™ is on TikTok!
Join our Coordi™ Challenge series featured on our @jsb.coordi channel now, and tag us to show off your coordination triumphs.
Ongoing virtual Coordi™ is offered on

Wednesdays, 10AM CT

Classes are led by James, are one hour in length, and are geared toward adult participation. Click the button below to join:

Join here!

We encourage you to watch the 3-minute video below to hear and see a brief demonstration of what to expect in class!