The dancers, board of directors, and staff acknowledge with thanks and appreciation the following agencies and individuals for their financial investment in our work from November 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021. Their passion for ballet and generous gifts to the Annual Fund make JAMES SEWELL BALLET'S artistic and education programs possible.


Gifts of $35,000+
One Anonymous Gift
The McKnight Foundation
Minnesota State Arts Board
Snow Family Foundation

Gifts of $20,000+

Gifts of $10,000-$19,999
Ecolab Foundation
Wenger Foundation

Gifts of $5,000-$9,999
Thomson Reuters

Gifts of $1,000-$4,999
The Allegro Fund
The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
Ecolab Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Quazar Capital

Gifts to $999
Greystone Foundation
Pitney Bowes Foundation
The Program Travelers Matching Gift Program


Michael L. Snow

Baltins Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Richard and Sandra Jacobson
Fred and Gloria Sewell

Gail and Bob Buuck

Beverly N. Grossman
The John and Ruth Huss Fund

Martin and Mary Rigney
John L. Sullivan Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Tashjian-Savik Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. Gerald W. and Susan E. Timm
Margaret VB Wurtele

Kathryn Hagen and Tom Anderson
Beth and Kevin Dooley
Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation
Jim McCarthy and Gloria Peterson Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Paula E. and Kayvon S. Riggi
George and Julia Sutton
Beth Swailes (in honor of Fred and Glo Sewell)

Paul and Susan Arneson Fund
Connie and Alan Beck
Joan Duddingston
Jayne and Bill Emory
The Jack and Linda Hoeschler Family Fund
Kelly Kita Charitable Fund
Monica and Rob Lender
David and Sharon Marty
Ed McConaghay and Margaret Telfer
Anonymous Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Elisabeth R. Bennett Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
John and Joanne Gordon Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Remele Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
David and Leni Moore Family Foundation
Sandy Morris
The Kooiman Charitable Fund of The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
James Sewell and Ilona Ilvonen on behalf of The Sewell Family Foundation
The Suckow Ziemer Family Fund

Bruce and Carla Adams
Lynne and Bruce Beck
Nicole Behm-Koep
Stephen Brooks
Daniel Pennie and Anne Carayon
Joanne and Ben Case
Janet Conn and Mike Debelak
Catherine Fischer
Michael Luxenberg and Joan Garfield (in honor of Dorothy Luxenberg)
Leland and Beverly Gehrke
Anders and Julie Himmelstrup (in honor of James Sewell)
Bruce Jacobs and Ann Jennen
Koehler Family Charitable Fund
Bruce and Judith Overmier
Anne and Bill Parker
Justina A. Roberts
Mary Ellen and Michael Schrauth
Randy Gegelman and Wendy Skjerven
Marcia E. Urban

Fiona and LeRoi Anderson
Jerry Brosnan and Gisela Brodin-Brosnan
Joe and Lois Duffy
Donald Helgeson and Sue Shepard
Scott Helgeson and Laura Preves Family Fund
Pam Kaufman and Dennis Keierleber
Sandy and Harry Lerner
Sharon and Jim Lewis
Kelley Lindquist
James and Caroline Loken
Kathy Longo and Jay Pluimer
Lisa and Meghan Maloney-Vinz
Peter B. and Karla Myers
Lowell and Sonja Noteboom
Suzanne and Richard Pepin
Gary P. Peterson and James Davies
Lawrence Redmond
Susan Schulte
Elizabeth Short and Kirk Cozine
William Spring
Jean Thomson

Cynthia A. Andrews
Caroline Bassett
Angie Bormann-Bomier (in honor of my mother, sisters, & daughter)
Barry and Susan Cosens
Thomas DeAngelo and Christine Bleyhl
Hugh Huston
Marvin and Marian Hutchens
Elizabeth Johnson
Cindy Lindau
Jeffrey and Caren Martin
Tim Mason
Gordon Mosser
Georgia O’Brien (in honor of Sharon O’Brien’s 78th Birthday)
Joanne Opgenorth and Michael McCarthy
David and Judy Ranheim
Georgia Finnegan Saulitis and Erik Saulitis
Osmo Vanska
Barbara C. Winthrop

Dennis and Kathleen Anderson
Mary Ann and David Benditt
Al and Fern Black
Ann P. Buran
Ruth Butler (in memory of Ruth Butler Johnson)
Bill and Connie Cameron
Thomas Nelson and Martha Dayton
Eleanor and Andrew Dvorak
David Miller and Mary Dew
Michael DiBlasi
Eddie Ellingson
Meghan and Sean Elliot
Mark and Ellen Emerson
Laura Erickson
Jean Faust
Patricia Freeburg
Carol Gardener
Drs. David and Kathleen Gesensway
Larry Grab
Arthur and JeanAnn Guetter
The Hanold Family
Jelan and James Heidelberg
David Hunter
Kitty Warner and Chas. Jensen
Charles Johnson
David Larson
Jeffrey Masco
Donn and Bonnie McLellan
David and Elizabeth McQuoid
Chuck Ullery and Elsa Nilsson
Amy O’Neil
Jeffrey and Julien Phillips
Deborah Pollak
Christine Retkwa
Tom and Julie Rochat
Patrick Riley and Natalie Roholt
Diane Rosenwald
Bill and Peggy Roush
Bill Slobotski
Michael and Sherry Spence
David J. Sutton Gift Fund
Colleen Dwyer Tyson
David and Lynn Vander Haar
Lynn and Chuck Wallin
David C. Warner
Steven Wells and Jane Scallen
Curtis West
G & E Weyandt Family Giving Fund
Ann Wynia and Gunter Stein
Louise Ziegler (in honor of Ken Yoder)
Shelley Zucker (in memory of Batya Heller)

Susan Abderholden and Lee Keller
Gregory E. Allen
Pamela Arnstein
Carol Barnett
Kevin and Martha Beery Milbery
Margaret and Allen Bostelmann
Dan Browning
Philip and Ellen Bruner
Karen Ellingson and Graham Butler
Linda and Roy Close
Jeff and Barb Couture
Ruthena Fink
Nina Hagen
Elizabeth Hobbs
John Hofstede
Helen Jacobsen
Glenn Klapperich
Jennifer Krause
Molly and Peter Larsen
Kimberly MacLennan
Marcia Marshall
Raymond and Elsie Martin
Brian Mierow
Patricia A. Moe
Judy and David Myers
Frederick Nairn
Mario and Jaya Perez
Robyn Peterson
Giulia Piscitelli
Jennifer Reilly
Dawn and John Ridgway
Nancy Robillard
Prof. Julia Robinson
Julie and Jeff Rumsey
Mary Ryan and Robert Schmitz
Dane Stauffer
Sandra Swami
Laura Thompson
Cindy Marsh and Wendell Vandersluis
Mary Vasaly
John T. Wetzel
Heidi Ziemer
Margaret Zoerhof

Bruce and Carla Adams
Tom Anderson and Kathryn Hagen
Keith Buttleman
Andrew Caddock
Nancy Carlson
Marco Cervantes
Todd Clasen
Kenneth and Gwen Crabb
Roxanne Deibel
Keith Duryea
Ruthena Fink
Deb Ford
Peter Freeman and Laura Sewell
Lee and Bev Gehrke
Dean Guhlke
Nan Hackett
Chuck Hartell
Cindy Hartmann
Shawn Jensrn
Aseem Kaul
Leslie Ann Koepke
Emily Kosokar
Jim Lieberthal
Megan Lauer
David Miller
Deirdre Murnane
Sandra Olson
Doris Overby
Katherine Peters
Gary P. Peterson and James Davies
Paul Peterson
Madelon Queenan
Christine Retkwa
Matthew Richey
Jacque Rosenau
Susan Schulte
Jason Sikkila
Diane Spannbauer
Mary Thom
Nolan Thomson
Dr. Gerald W. and Susan E. Timm
Charles Ullery and Elsa Nilsson
David Wolf

Bruce and Carla Adams
Lynne and Bruce Beck
Martha H. Bigelow
Jeanette Bousquet
Michael T. Burr
Joe and Lois Duffy
Keith A. Duryea
Joan Garfield and Michael Luxenberg
Lee and Bev Gehrke
Joanne and John Gordon
Lucinda Hartmann
Anders and Julie Himmelstrup
Jack and Linda Hoeschler
Roderick C. Hunt
Aseem Kaul
Kendall A. King
Gail E. Kochie
Frances E. Lester
Kelley Lindquist
Lisa and Meghan Maloney-Vinz
Jane K. Mauer
Brian Mierow
Judy and David Myers
Philip Noyed
Lawrence Redmond
Marty and Mary Rigney
Justina Roberts
Diane Rosenwald
Nancy Rotenberry
Kim A. Severson
Sue Shepard and Don Helgeson
Margery W. Shrunk
Nolan Thomson
Gerry and Susan Timm
Eileen Turner
Charles Ullery and Elsa Nilsson
Jane T. Wallace
Maryann Weidt
Curtis West
Leigh Wilson-Mattson
John W. Windhorst, Jr.

Your tax-deductible annual gifts are always welcome. Cash, stocks and bonds, bequests, real estate holdings, and sponsorship opportunities are great ways to make an investment in programs and communities we serve. To learn more about the tax and philanthropic benefits of giving, please call Tom McNamee, Development Director, at 612.672.0480 or email at

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